Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Whether you’re looking for help for yourself or your tween or teen, my sessions are designed to find lasting relief from bothersome thoughts, feelings, and memories. 

Meet Harriet

My dad had a lot of problems that got in the way of being a good parent; schizophrenia, alcoholism, and a controlling personality. As many kids do, I thought I was the problem, that there was something fundamentally unlovable about me. Eventually I grew to understand his issues with my logical left brain, but my emotional right brain still felt pretty bad, at times worthless and hopeless, and nothing I did on my own could “fix” it.

In my search to reconcile what I knew with how I felt, I came across many skills, techniques, and information from psychology that helped click things into place. I knew the same things that helped me could help others. Instead of pursuing a medical career as planned, I shifted focus to helping people access specialized psychological tools. I’ve spent over a decade in the mental health field, gathering the latest and best tools available, most specifically aimed at increasing the communication between left (thinking) and right (feeling) brains.

As a therapist, I’m honored to be invited into a turning point in my clients’ lives where their thoughts and feelings are somewhat misaligned. The effect is a locked door between them and the life they want. Usually over just a few months’ time we work closely together to pick the lock, adjusting tumblers one by one until the door swings open and they can move forward confidently in the direction of their new lives.

Harriet Gordon

Meet Grace

Therapy Dog

Grace is a nine-year-old Miniature Schnauzer. She’s hypoallergenic, which means she doesn’t shed. She’s a retired breeding dog, and these days she’s content to be petted or curl up on the floor to nap while we talk. If you want her to sit next to you, simply pat the chair and say “Up!” She rarely barks, unless she thinks someone is coming in without permission, but she is quickly calmed with soothing tones and pets; treats help too!


Bachelor’s Degree


Florida International University
December 2004

Master’s Degree

Criminal Justice

Kaplan University
July 2010

Master’s Degree

Mental Health Counseling

Nova Southeastern University
December 2012

Related Experience

Child Therapist
Forensic Interviewer
Child Advocate

March 2014 – December 2018

As a member of the multi-disciplinary team, I provided trauma-focused therapy to children and adolescents, conducted semi-structured interviews of children witnesses/victims of crime to aid forensic investigations, and advocated for the rights of abused and neglected children and their families.

Behavior Health Specialist
Behavior Health Technician

September 2010 – July 2013

I worked with and provided mental and behavioral health services to prison inmates with moderate to severe psychiatric disorders, as well as conducting biopsychosocial assessments and case management.

Group and Individual Therapy Intern

August 2011 – October 2012

I provided and documented therapeutic services to court-ordered clients. Among topics covered were substance abuse, parenting, and batterers intervention. Also conducted evaluations and intakes.

The Office

Here are some photos from around the office to help you feel more comfortable on your first visit.

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